Machine Shop Services & Tool Testing

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Northern solutions is a 3rd Party Provider to Client Specifications and Procedures. Our Industry Standards focus includes:

Full range of Tool Solutions for specific needs. We can build based on owner specifications for Coiled Tubing Drilling and well work. Tools are engineered, tested and manufactured to client specifics and industry standards.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of downhole tools and valves for assurance and compatibility. Hydrostatic test pressures to 15,000 psi with digital data and video documentation will be provided. Surface testing of functionality of downhole tools as needed.

Surface testing of casing exit techniques, diverter designs, mill configurations for slimhole sidetracks. Our goal is to achieve smooth casing exits to accommodate re-entry into long horizontal completions.

Niche Downhole Tools

Northern Solutions manufactures and supplies Niche Downhole Tools for the gas and oil industry. Whether it is off the shelf or bespoke, from design to machining to delivery to installation, we can supply you with the right tool for the job, in whatever quantity you require.