Welcome to Northern Solutions, LLC

“An Alaskan Company”

Northern Solutions LLC is an Alaskan-based company that specializes in solving the technically difficult issues that confront the Alaskan Oil and Gas industry. Whether it is downhole tool development, specialized labor, shop support, machining services, data management or tool testing, Northern Solutions is here to provide resources that deliver. We were born here, we operate here, but have also served in the contiguous United States and as far as Canada, Africa, North Sea and Colombia.


Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop is growing all the time. From design to machining to delivery to installation, we can create a new tool specifically designed to meet your individual project needs, in whatever quantity you require. Read more about tool solutions and shop support by clicking here.


Current Industry Standard compliance and documented services are an expectation for our business. Northern Solutions LLC has developed and implemented a quality management system (QMS) in order to document the company’s best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and to improve the overall management of the company. A process approach has been adopted as such. The QMS of Northern Solutions LLC meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. This system addresses the design, development, production, installation and servicing of the company’s products.


2018 Supplier Recognition Award From:

Doing Business Better Award

Northern Solutions provided engineered, tested and manufactured tools to ConocoPhillips specifications, reducing time and risk in coiled tubing drilling rig operations and providing a safer exit technique. Northern thus contributed to reducing the overall cost of supply for Alaska North Slope crude. Click here to read the entire article.


Operations & Additional Services
  • Schematic Wellbore Specialist.
  • Operations Personnel, Facilities, Plants, Drilling and Wells Schedulers.
  • Project Management
  • Design Services.
  • Environmental Data Technicians: Government Policy and Process Review with an Emphasis on Data Compliance.

Who we are

  • Alaskan Owned
  • 1270 E. 64th, Anchorage, Alaska 99518 (primary office)
  • #2 Spine Road, Deadhorse, Alaska (machine and tool shop)
  • ALASKA HIRE 99.5% Alaska residents
  • Made in Alaska certification #7533
  •  U.S. Government, #SAM Certified 7LG03
  • U.S. issued Patent holder (Candice English, Bob Harris, Carl Diller, John Milne)
    • Conical Deflection Wedge (US Patent Received)
    • QCLL (US Patent Received)
    • Retrievable Gas Lift System (US Patent Received)
    • 6 other Patents pending for downhole tools (United States)
    • 2 co-patents with BP (Bi-Center Bit & Power Shoe for CTD operations)
  • Diversified: Ethnic, gender balance, cognitive, age, experience and proximity
  • ISNet grade: “A” (All company documents stored here for your review)
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Precision Machinist/8 journeymen & 1 apprentice
  • AK000158002 US Department of Labor, Machinist Apprenticeship Program
  • Premium Threading License
    • Anchorage Machine Shop #299
    • Deadhorse Machine Shope #307
    • TenarisHydril Threads:
      • TSH Wedge 511
      • TSH Wedge 521
      • TSH Wedge 562
      • TSH Blue
      • TSH 625
      • TXP BTC
  • MetalOne Proprietary Connections – GeoConn/SuperMax Premium Threading (Pending Certification)

This is where Northern Solutions shines brightest. We have decades of experience to draw from in many disciplines of the Oil and Gas industry.

A few of our accolades include:

  • 2010 SPE Completions Regional Award.
  • 2010 SPE Drilling Regional Award.
  • Project Management
  • Project Manager/Data Management with Focus of Optimizing High Activity Scheduling, Performance and Dynamic Drilling, Wells and Operational Activities Simultaneously.
  • Corrosion Program Support
  • Well Integrity Specialist.
  • Wellsite Leaders.
  • Wellsite Instruction.
  • Downhole Tool Specialist

Machine Shop Services & Tool Testing

Buck up services, bucking machine torque rating is up to 36,000FT/LB, in certain applications we can handle up to 16” diameter tools so bucking 13-3/8 should not be a problem, we have 5’ in between the head stock and tail stock of the bucking machine, with no restrictions past the ends of the unit so assemblies are no problem.

CNC machining, we can thread casing sizes thru 9-5/8 and in some cases we can handle up to 10-3/4” diameter parts.

  • Manual Machining
  • Portable line boring
  • Hydraulic cylinder repair rod manufacturing
  • Flange threading and socket weld prep
  • All grades of steel, Aluminum, Bronze, P110, L80, 9CR, 13CR

Northern solutions is a 3rd Party Provider to Client Specifications and Procedures. Our Industry Standards focus includes:

Full range of Tool Solutions for specific needs. We can build based on owner specifications for Coiled Tubing Drilling and well work. Tools are engineered, tested and manufactured to client specifics and industry standards.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of downhole tools and valves for assurance and compatibility. Hydrostatic test pressures to 15,000 psi with digital data and video documentation will be provided. Surface testing of the functionality of downhole tools as needed.

Surface testing of casing exit techniques, diverter designs, mill configurations for slimhole sidetracks. Our goal is to achieve smooth casing exits to accommodate re-entry into long horizontal completions.

  • Precision Machining
  • Premium Threading
  • TenarisHydril
  • Metal One semi premium Threads
  • NU and EU thread 8round and 10 round
  • API Buttress casing 5threads per inch, size range form 4-1/2 thru 9-5/8, 10-3/4 and 13-3/8 on case by case situation.
  • MT sometimes called macaroni tubing, typical sizes is 1” and 1-1/2”
  • IBT – non API threads sizes 2-3/8 thru 5-1/2 8 threads per inch.
  • Rotary Tool Joint Threads, API and non API threads, all sizes 1-1/2 thru 6-5/8
  • We thread the 2 step wash pipe threads for Schlumberger, we can do this for other companies as required with their prints.


  • CNC Lathes
  • CNC Mill
  • Manual mill and lathes
  • Manufacturing facility of downhole tools
  • Pressure Testing up to 15k

Shop Support
  • To provide management oversight of client owned equipment and tools.
  • Northern Solutions also oversees and assures client standardization of processes of specialized manufacturing.
  • N.O.R.M. program: Can test for naturally occurring radiation when needed to assure employee safety for all jobs and locations if warranted.

Drilling & Wells Support

DATA SUPPORT: To support Drilling and Wells client data integrity, performance systems, scheduling systems, data management, AOGCC Sundry support for clients and data quality needs. Northern Solutions also provides end-user support and design criteria for Drilling and Wells applications.